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Why Orchids are perfect for Eco-friendly Micro Weddings

Why Orchids are perfect for Eco-friendly Micro Weddings

Monday August 23, 2021

Quoted from an article on Westerlay Orchids (California)

"Why orchids are perfect for the popular eco-friendly, micro weddings"

According to  2.5 million couples are expected to wed in 2022. As weddings transition from large venues to small, more intimate gatherings are the trend. Brides and grooms are also more thoughtful about price and sustainability, wanting a lower cost and lower stress wedding that creates less waste. Sustainable and organic centerpieces and bouquets are sought after, and orchids in full bloom are simply breathtaking and lend a distinct charm to any wedding. Perhaps the best thing about them is that orchids are live potted plants providing beauty beyond the wedding day. Westerlay Orchids, a third-generation, family-run company, and Southern California’s largest commercial orchid grower, shares how to incorporate the timeless look of the orchid into any special day.

“The wonderful thing about incorporating orchids into a wedding is that you don’t need anything else. A row of phalaenopsis orchids cascading down the center of a table is simple and stunning,” says Westerlay Orchids president Toine Overgaag. “We are seeing brides and grooms wanting to simplify cost and waste but not elegance. Orchids are a perfect solution and a reminder of the special event way past the wedding day.” 

According to Brides Magazine, flower costs for a wedding average $12k-$20k, which is a lot of money for arrangements that last (maybe) a week past the event. "Orchids are long-lasting and versatile - and surprisingly can be over the top elegant or festive and fun whether the event is uniform in color or bold and dramatic. With so many colors and types of orchids available, the options for using them in wedding décor are endless."