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CosMic Plants becomes first Canadian Orchid grower with MPS-A certification
Thursday June 8, 2023
We're proud to share that our sustainability efforts are now measured and quantified! Talking about the things you do as a company, to help protect our planet, is relatively easy. But how do you measure your efforts and make sure the results are legitimized? It requires independent audits and an independent certification that compares to industry peers. Since 2022 CosMic Plants works with MPS and ECAS to achieve exactly that. And as of May 2023 CosMic Plants is now MPS-A certified. Please see this press release:
Why Orchids are perfect for Eco-friendly Micro Weddings
Monday August 23, 2021
Our colleague Orchid Grower in the West, Toine Overgaag of Westerlay Orchids from California, was asked about his opinion on floral arrangements for weddings. At CosMic Plants, we could not agree more!
Orchids: a project for those at home !
Wednesday April 7, 2021
Orchids once were hard to find for purchase, somewhat expensive and only for the Orchid connoisseurs to enjoy. Those times are long gone. Orchids can brighten up anybody's home, with their long lasting blooms in vibrant colours! Orchids are now a must have for any retailer and they are priced very reasonably - especially considering the shelve-life and the fact that they re-bloom when taken care of. Read the article in the link!
Why are floral products relatively scarce now, and prices high ?
Wednesday March 24, 2021
Why does my florist not have what I am looking for? And why are Flower Prices so High?

The Floral Industry’s Current Situation Explained
Orchids in Inspirational Pots
Wednesday March 3, 2021
March 8 is International Women’s Day, a global day of recognition celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and girls, and raising awareness of the work left to be done.
Seasons Wishes
Wednesday December 16, 2020