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Product & Purchasing Clarification

Where can I buy CosMic Plants’ orchids?

CosMic Plants Orchids can be found in many flower shops, garden centres, and grocery stores in the northeast quadrant of North America. To be sure if your local retailer carries our Orchids simply contact the retailer and ask for CosMic Plants Orchids, The Art of Orchids, or Colour-Emotion-Life. We are not kept up to date on exact availability at our retailers.

Additionally CosMic Plants offers online purchasing of our products (Shop Now). The delivery range of this online service is Southern Ontario to the Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph regions. You can also purchase online with the option to pick up from our greenhouse facility.

Our own Orchid boutique store is currently closed. Reopening is to be determined. If you wish to purchase Orchids directly from us, you will have to do so online on our web shop.

How far do you ship your orchids?

Through our distributor network, we sometimes supply flower stores and retailers as far West as in Calgary, as far North as in Thunder Bay, as far East as in St Johns (New Foundland), and as far South as Florida and Texas. However, the far majority of our Orchids stay more local, in Ontario, Quebec, New York State, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Because of the fragile nature of our product, we do not currently ship via courier or post. Not to mention that it is expensive. Our “straight-to-your-door” delivery service range - via our online sales platform CanShopLocal - is limited to Niagara, Hamilton, Halton, Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph regions.

Do you grow other Orchid species?

We specialize completely in growing Phalaenopsis Orchids. However, we sell them in many sizes, colours and styles.

Do you sell painted orchids?

We only sell natural coloured Orchids; we do not paint or dye our Orchids.

Is Orchid Bark better than Sphagnum Moss?

In nature, Phalaenopsis Orchids grow on hard surfaces like rocks and trees.  Their roots are exposed to the air and not enclosed by turf, moss, or soil. As such we find that the bark particles from the pine trees resemble nature the best. It also provides for a solid foundation to the root system with better stability to the plant. Besides: pine bark is a by-product from the North American lumber industry – while sphagnum moss is harvested from nature in countries like Chili and New Zealand and is being imported. Orchids can thrive well in either potting medium.