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With their hand-crafted shapes and exceptional blooms, Artistica showcases the wonder of nature and the expertise of our growers. Each orchid is trained to grow in a unique shape, including Hurricanes, Cascades, Infinity Circles and more, and is designed to command attention.

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Artistica always consists of on-trend whites as well as a rotating selection of pinks, purples and yellows.





& Enticing


An orchid that is worthy of appreciation, Artistica is ideal for foyers or centerpieces or placed on a pedestal!

Available orchid colours are subject to change
based on the season, production schedule and of
course, species. These variations represent the rare
and mysterious beauty of our orchids.

Size Reference:

Number of Blooms:

  • Hand shaped 1–spiked: 8+ blooms

  • Hand shaped 2–spiked: 15+ blooms

Hand shaped orchids are available in 3” (8cm) and 5” (12cm) pot sizes.

  • Hurricane: crafted in a spiral shape· Cyclone: designed in a circular shape

  • Fountain: grown to mimic the decorative flow of water

  • Cascade: the blooms are cultivated to sit on top of one another

  • Swan: crafted in the shape of a swan’s neck

Artistica orchids are available in many sophisticated styles and sizes. These hand-crafted shapes produce many attractive looks.

Bloom Size :

  • 3½”+ (8cm+) bloom diameter
    Most Artistica's - hand shaped orchids -are a Magnifica selection with 3½” (8cm+) bloom diameter

Plant Height :

  • 16–26”

The Art of Orchids